La Aldea Sausages,
Artisanal sausage making

Since 1940, producing top-quality artisanal sausages.

Artisanal sausages from Asturias

In 1940, the Adelino Fernández family started a small butcher's shop in Tineo (Asturias) using traditional formulas and systems where the sausage has better curing with a High Mountain flavor.

They used meat from the local area, which is truly natural, with no preservatives or artificial coloring, and with the help of oak wood for aging. These delicious products are obtained from the purity of the environment in their green mountains and climate.

Over time, the only change we have made are the essential technological advancements, but with ancestral formulas we still maintain the flavor that is always remembered.

The facilities of Embutidos La Aldea are located in the Curiscada Industrial Park in Tineo (Asturias), and currently have 3,500 m2. They house the administration services, and all the range of cured and cooked meat products, as well as roasts and cooked dishes, are made there.
Our Facilities

The second generation, José Manuel and Isabel Fernández, are the creators and drivers of the new facilities and the diversity of their products, bringing the essential technological advancements, which along with the ancestral formulas continue to give our products the flavor that is always remembered. -

Since its origins, Embutidos La Aldea has had a purely family character, with its children, the third generation, who have taken over in the direction of the company, inheriting the knowledge of the artisanal good work and bringing new projects as well as enhancing the development of them.

We appreciate your trust in choosing our High Mountain flavor products.

The magic of
Asturian smoke

Smoking, an ancient food preservation technique that involves exposing sausages to smoke from a wood fire.

It is smoked to help the product dry and ferment, but not exclusively. Although Asturians have accepted smoke as an ingredient, outsiders are still surprised by the unique flavor, aroma, and even appearance that can be achieved through its use.

At La Aldea sausages, we are specialists in traditional Asturian smoking, an ancient and artisanal process that has been passed down from generation to generation.

The smoking is done using beech wood and native trees, which gives the sausages a unique and authentic flavor. The wood is burned in a special chamber, and the sausages are placed in the chamber to be smoked. This process gives them an intense and smoky aroma and flavor, which is the result of the combination of ingredients and smoking technique.

At La Aldea sausages, we only use the best ingredients, including high-quality meats, and are careful in the use of spices and additives. Each sausage is meticulously crafted and carefully checked before being packaged and labeled.

Chosco is one of the sausages that are made with smoke as an extra ingredient. It is a meat product that is representative of the southwestern region, made from pork loin and gochu tongue seasoned with paprika, garlic, and salt and stuffed into the pig's blind, which is then subjected to smoking and curing. In the smoking houses, smoke from dry wood from native species (oak, birch, beech, or chestnut) is applied, always excluding resinous woods.

The minimum duration of smoking must be eight days to achieve the characteristic aroma. The process currently still maintains its artisanal form, although it has changed from lighting the pile of wood on the ground to alternative systems, such as charcoal braziers. The smoke is allowed to rise to the "choscos" suspended from bars hanging from the ceiling or from frameworks called "cars."

The Tineo Cosco,
naturally healthy.

One of our star products

One of the most traditional sausages from Asturias, very unique to Tineo. Made in an artisanal way, it is protected by the IGP Chosco de Tineo. A high-energy sausage that can be consumed at any time of the day, especially in the winter season.

High-quality protein

Rich in vitamins and minerals

Low in fat

Characteristic of our land, unmistakable, exquisite. And, above all, nutritious and healthy

Chosco de Tineo is a high-quality meat preparation, like 100% acorn-fed Iberian ham or León cured beef. It is made from pork cuts (shoulder and tongue) rich in protein and low in fat. In addition, its consumption provides us with a good dose of vitamins and minerals.

Pork meat, due to its nutritional characteristics, is one of the typical products of the Mediterranean Diet. And the Mediterranean Diet is one of the dietary patterns with the greatest scientific evidence in terms of health benefits.

The Mediterranean Diet, in fact, encompasses both a way of eating and a healthy lifestyle associated with that habit: among other aspects, traditions, knowledge, culinary skills, preservation and transformation techniques for foods... As a whole, it was declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2010.

Chosco de Tineo fits perfectly into it, both for its nutritional qualities and its traditional preparation, regulated by the IGP guarantee label.

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